Cartridge boxes, belts and slings

We are proud to offer this selection of French military equipment of the first half of the 18th century to the most discriminating customers. Some designs were validated, in a detailed manner, by the careful study of original artifacts and the attentive reading of period sources. Every piece of leatherwork is hand made, in our workshop. Russia leather is almost impossible to find today and is imitated with modern dye while buff and sheep leathers are imported for more authenticity.


Buckles are normally in stock, but there is a production waiting period for the belly boxes and belts. Please contact us for more details or for discussing commissioned work, like an officer waistbelt.

  1. French military musket sling

    Model: BRET-01

    $38.00 | CA$45.00

  2. /

    Model: BRET-02

    $38.00 | CA$45.00

  3. Soldier waistbelt with simple frog

    Model: CEIN-01

    $90.00 | CA$120

    Genuine buff

  4. Soldier waistbelt 1683-1710

    From c. 1683 to c. 1710.

    Soldier waistbelt 1683-1710

    Model: CEIN-02

    $160.00 | CA$210

    Genuine buff

  5. Soldier waistbelt with adjustable sword frog (3 buckles)

    Model: CEIN-03

    $140.00 | CA$185.00

    Genuine buff

  6. Gargoussier or French belly box – Embossed with royal arms

    Model: GARG-01

    $150.00 | CA$200,00

    New batch available as of August 7, 2016 - limited quantities