“À la mousquetaire” French soldier sword with cast brass grip


This is the standard "épée du soldat" (soldier's sword). It was produced in large quantities for the common French infantrymen from the late 17th century until the Austrian Succession War (King George’s War, 1740-1748). Using brass for the hilt made its production less expensive than using steel. This style of hilt, called “à la mousquetaire” in French, is one of the basic variations of the small sword. Among its typical features are the small rings and the bilobate counterguard. Many artifacts found at various sites corroborate its use in New France (Quebec City Fortifications, Fort Chambly, Fort Carillon/Ticonderoga, Fortress of Louisbourg, Michilimackinack, etc.).


$205.00 | CA$245

Scabbard included - CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE AS OCT. 2021