Des Sabres et des Épées Volume n° 3 - Troupes à pied de Louis XIV à nos jours


French infantry sabers and swords from Louis XIV to present day

Michel PÉTARD, Éditions du Canonnier, 2005 FRENCH LANGUAGE ONLY

The reference book on French edged weapons form Louis XIV to present day, by the specialist. This product of many years of researches, involving the confrontation of documents and objects, is the essential tool for identification and understanding for new or long term collectors and students. This catalog lists, describes, comments and depicts all the weapons models used by the French army from Louis XIV to our days, including many variations as well. The chorological presentation makes this research of easy access, with many color plates and descriptive historical captions. Typological tables and makers marks are also included, along with a complete glossary of terms. Finally, color photographs are completing the information given by the illustrations.

No serious sword student should be without a copy.


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Michel Pétard (French text)